And Narrow the Road


It was a new place for me.

I had never hiked there before.

A path was split, with a fence bordering only one.

Which was the best way to go?

Did each path lead to the same place or to quite different destinations?

Jesus said,

 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

—Matthew 7:13-14


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Get Me Out of Here


Who will give me wings,” I ask—
    “wings like a dove?”
Get me out of here on dove wings;
    I want some peace and quiet.
I want a walk in the country,
    I want a cabin in the woods.
I’m desperate for a change
    from rage and stormy weather.

—Psalm 55:6-8  The Message

In the Old Testament, King David knew what it was like to be overwhelmed.

To be betrayed.

To have slanderous things said about him.

To have people conspire against him.

After all, he was a king and nations do rise up against nations.

But no matter what happened, David would always return to his faith in God.

When he was troubled, he turned to God for help.

When he was joyous, he turned to God in praise.

In the passage above, David is tired of all the trouble that has mounted itself in front of him.

He longs for peace and an absence of the problems that are weighing heavily on his heart.

Peace and quiet.

A walk in the country.

A cabin in the woods.

Desperate for change…..

Haven’t you felt that way before?

Just wishing to fly away and leave it all behind?

King David trusted God, even in the hard times.

The dangerous times.

The confusing times.

He trusted Him in the good times.

The prosperous times.

The joyful times.

If you are in the midst of trouble today, I urge you to pray and tell God what is on your heart.

If you are in a place of peace and calm today, I urge you to thank God with a joyful voice.

Wherever you find yourself at this moment, God is there.

He is faithful……

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