To Have Little

Better to have little, with fear for the LORD, than to have great treasure and inner turmoil.

—Proverbs 15:16


I was walking along in the field when I suddenly noticed a very small butterfly, flitting about on the grass.

Here for just a second or two, then…

Over there.

Then over there!

Trying to track it as it darted from one place to another, I kept following it, looking at the ground.

Finally, it rested on some blades of grass and I was able to focus on it.

How beautiful were the colors that adorned its wings!

There are many fine things that can be purchased in this world.





The list is endless.

Although it is nice to have these things, they are not totally necessary.

They take up our time, as we work diligently to afford them.

So, how much do gorgeous little butterflies cost?

How much does a carefree walk in the grass cost?

How much is it worth to have your mind rest at ease when you go to sleep at night, free from inner turmoil?

These things are free.

All of them.

Little butterflies.

A walk in the grass.

A quieted mind and heart.

They are gifts from God, each one.

We may not own a lot of material items, yet if we have the love of Jesus within us, we are rich…






Treasures on Earth

A good friend bought a small treasure chest for me as a gift. 

She intended for me to use it as a container to place written prayers in. 

Prayer is something that has eternal significance. 

Talking with God is the most important  communication we have. 

It is a privilege and a treasure. 

There are many treasures we could acquire during our time on earth. 

The most important treasure, however, is our relationship with God. 


Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal.

—Matthew 6:19


Your Treasure


While I was visiting a church for an event, I noticed an antique looking trunk.

It was sitting on the floor in the back, behind all the chairs.

Being of interest to me, I decided to photograph it.

I didn’t open it to see what was inside.

Still, I wonder what it was being used for?

If I think of adventurous sounding orchestra music, I can envision it being a treasure chest filled with jewels.

Thinking of soft violins playing a gentle tune, I can imagine a young traveler packing a trunk for a journey back in the 1800’s.

For years, trunks and chests have held what is important at the time to their owners.

The Bible speaks to us about what our hearts deem important:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

—-Matthew 6:21

What we care about the most is usually not something that can be placed in a trunk or chest.

We love God.

We love our families.

Our parents.

Our spouses.

Our children.

But sometimes, we let the pressures of succeeding in our careers and the opinions of others become more of a treasure to us than they should be.




Where is your heart today?

It’s where your treasure is…….


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your treasure fr

He Sold Everything


When I walked into the room, I started noticing the decorations immediately.

As I looked up toward the ceiling, I saw two trunks on a shelf.

I wonder what was inside them?

Trunks and chests are for safe keeping.

Items that are important are stored in such special places.

If you owned a trunk or chest, what sort of things would you place there?

What would be valuable to you?

Jesus told the story of a man who had discovered something of great worth–a treasure–in a field.

Upon doing so, he sold everything that he had in order to buy the field so he could own the treasure.

Whatever it was, it was worth more to the man than anything he currently had.

When we learn of God’s gift of salvation, we have a choice to make.

We can accept His gift and leave our old way of life behind or we can leave the gift that is offered and walk away.

It’s about what we value.

What means more?

Jesus, or…….

something else?

The Kingdom of Heaven is like a treasure a man discovered in a field. In his excitement, he sold everything he owned to get enough money to buy the field—and get the treasure, too!

—Matthew 13:44




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treasure final