In Order To Take Away


I have lived in the same house for several years now.

Ever since I moved in, a private waste management company has taken care of the trash in my neighborhood.

A fee is charged and paid on a regular basis.

Each of my neighbors has their own idea about what type of trash can to buy.

Mine is metal and hefty; others have plastic ones that are lighter.

There are different colors of trash cans, too.

Whatever anyone wanted was always just fine.

Recently, that all changed.

Our trash pickup is now with a public service and new, matching trash cans were delivered to each house for our use.

A special truck will come once a week.

Giant prongs will pick up the cans and empty the trash into the back of the truck to be hauled away and forgotten forever.

When I came home after work today, my street was lined with matching, empty trash cans.

Although I know they could, I really don’t think anyone in my area is keeping their trash inside their homes, refusing to throw it away.

If they were, things would get really bad, really fast.

Throughout the week, when something is identified as trash, it gets thrown away.

Once a week, the giant pronged truck comes to take it all away.

When that happens, it’s gone from us.

We don’t see it.

We don’t smell it.

We don’t trip over it, get sick from it or deal with it in any way, ever again.

Sin can be gotten rid of, too.

Those words we said that we wish we hadn’t?

They can be thrown away and considered as trash.

The things we did that we wish we hadn’t?

Out they go.

How is that possible?

It wouldn’t be, if there wasn’t any way to actually be rid of the trash.

If no one picked it up, we’d see it.

We’d smell it.

We’d trip over it and get sick from it.

Every time we do or say something that is displeasing to God, we can ask for forgiveness and throw it away.

Jesus paid the price on the cross for all our sins and He can take away all our trash.

It doesn’t matter how heavy it is.

That’s not a problem for Him.

It doesn’t matter how much it is.

There’s no limit to His forgiveness.

When He takes it away, it’s gone from us.

We don’t see it.

We don’t smell it.

We don’t trip over it, get sick from it or deal with it’s penalty in any way, ever again.

If you’ve been keeping all your trash, don’t you think it’s time to throw it out?

You know that he appeared in order to take away sins, and in him there is no sin.

—1 John 3:5




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