Don’t Be Greedy




It was a routine check-up day at the doctor’s.

After having gone through the initial part of the visit, filling out papers and going over medical information with a nurse, I was told to go to a small waiting area before finally seeing the doctor.

As I sat down, my eyes were drawn to some brochures displayed on a table just a few feet away from me.

A photo caught my attention, because it showed a woman who was pushing a swing.

There was no one in the swing she was pushing.

Instead, there was a large camera.

The general idea of the illustration was that this woman was going to be giving all her time to photography, just like she would have had to give all her time to a baby, if she had one.

Is it a “bad” thing to give a lot of your time to something you enjoy, such as photography?

What about sports?

A career?

Your family?

Well, that depends….

I had taken a book with me to the doctor appointment from a Bible study that I am currently involved in with a group.

Only moments before, I had been reading about substituting other things in place of Jesus in our lives.

By placing too great an importance on anything other than Him, we become slaves to whatever that is.

Suddenly, I had spotted a photo of someone who was swinging a camera instead of a child.

It gave me a striking visual of how we can idolize anything in our lives if we put them in the place that Jesus should have.

I don’t want to waste my time swinging a camera….