One Who Knows Better

I watched a compelling movie last night. 

In one scene, the screenwriters skilfully send a pang of familiarity to the audience. 

As the main character is asked if he is afraid, a flash back occurs in his mind of an incident in his childhood. 

There he is, on the playground, holding a single flower in his hands. As he approaches a little girl to present the flower to, he is met by the intimidating voices of other children making fun of him. As they shun him, they all run away, leaving him alone, holding his flower without ever having the chance to offer it. 

The character in the movie then (after the flashback) replies that he is not afraid, yet the viewers understand that couldn’t be farther from the truth. He still feels the weight of the childhood intimidation even now as an adult. 

Feeling unsure of himself, he does not want to endure rejection again. 

I researched the word, “intimidation.”

I found a couple of definitions to be very interesting. One definition states, “inducing a sense of inferiority into another.”

The next descriptive definition is, “implies a reduction to a state where the spirit is broken.”

When I think of the movie scene–one that I think most anyone can identify with–these definitions are spot on. 

This morning, I read from a devotional book that I have been using in my Bible study time. Today’s topic was on several scriptures concerning the words we say to each other. 

Kind words. 

Hurtful words. 

Encouraging words or discouraging words. 

Each of us gets to decide what words we say. 

We all know what it feels like to hear hurtful words. 

We also know what it’s like to hear encouraging and kind words. 

I get to decide what I want to say. 

So do you. 


Whoever puts down another is not wise,
    but one who knows better keeps quiet.

—Proverbs 11:12