It was dusky dark and getting hard to see.

Mosquitoes were coming out to greet the night and it was time to be ending the walk.

A rabbit suddenly scurried out ahead of me.

A hop here.

A hop there.


Stand up on two legs.


Listen with those big, tall ears.

I have read that rabbits can hear very well.

In fact, they are thought to be able to hear a sound from two miles away.

There’s a lesson for me in all this.

In everything that I do, I need to be wise.

When things come up, I should wisely consider my choices.

My words and my actions.

Even my thoughts.

I don’t have to rush into things.

Just a hop or two might suffice.

I might need to stand up.

But, at all times, I should listen with my ears.

I should listen for wisdom and guidance from God.




Listen to what is wise and try to understand it.

–Proverbs 2:2


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