Blessed is the Man

Blessed is the man who always fears the LORD, but whoever hardens his heart will fall into disaster.

—Proverbs 28:14


Recently, I was talking to someone who was interested in learning to play the guitar.

When learning to play, it takes time to build up callouses on the tips of the left hand fingers so that pressing the strings down doesn’t hurt.

Understanding this means that an aspiring guitarist must work through a little discomfort while learning the new skill.

In this instance, callouses are necessary and helpful.

There is a slight trade off, however.

In the places where the callouses form, highly sensitive feeling can be lost.

It becomes difficult to differentiate what is being touched at other times, such as noticing the difference between cloth or plastic.

In the same way, the soles of our feet become calloused if we walk barefooted on a regular basis.

That can be helpful if we need to be without shoes.

But what if we don’t want to have callouses any more?

Pumice stones are sold at thousands of stores, providing an excellent way to exfoliate the hardened areas of our feet or hands, exposing the more tender skin underneath, allowing us to sense the surfaces we are touching and those we are walking on in a new and fresh way.

Having a hardened or calloused heart isn’t the same as having calloused fingers or hands.

If we have hardened and calloused hearts against God, we may no longer feel any need to even consider who He is and the marvelous works He has done.

The blessings we could be enjoying are bypassed by our indifference.

There is hope, however.

God can remove the callouses and soften our hearts.

Like a pumice stone, He can eliminate the hardened and unwanted attitude, giving us  a clear path to feel His love, His kindness and His mercy in a new and fresh way.