Rather, He Delights



I had only been to the restaurant once before.

Located at the shoreline of a large lake, the scenery was delightful.

Walking along a wooden deck after dinner, I noticed the property right beside the restaurant.

A home had been built there.

In the backyard, a boat and chair sat, waiting to be used.

The boat would take the owners out on the water, allowing them to fish or just enjoy the movement of the gentle waves.

The chair would allow them to sit and take in the beauty of the lake before them, watching the sun set over the calm water.

The boat and the chair did not just happen along in the yard.

Someone purchased them and placed them where they could be used.

There was a plan.

A deliberate plan.


Do I plan to notice what God has made?

Do I plan to enjoy what He has provided for me?

Do I make a deliberate plan to focus on His presence?


Blessed is the person who does not
    follow the advice of wicked people,
        take the path of sinners,
            or join the company of mockers.
Rather, he delights in the teachings of the Lord
    and reflects on his teachings day and night.
He is like a tree planted beside streams—
    a tree that produces fruit in season
        and whose leaves do not wither.
    He succeeds in everything he does.

—Psalm 1:1-3



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