My Ways



As I walked by the fountain, I decided to take some shots of the water as it surged into the air.

Things that are normally unnoticeable except through photography are particularly of interest to me.

Even though we may not notice them or even be aware of their presence, God knows all about them.

After all, it is God who created them and it is He who sustains them.

Looking at one of the photographs, the water was frozen in time, displaying an elegance of motion with every bubble and swirl.

Though I do not possess the mathematical mind to even consider it, there is a perfect order that God knows, even in the rising and falling of water.

A small thing, perhaps, but not really.

Stars boiling with heat unimaginable, light years from our planet.

Water falling with gravity’s pull in a small town’s fountain on a Saturday afternoon.

Understanding either one is just as easy for God.

Because He knows, because He is in control, we are forced to consider our limitations.

As we consider our limitations, we are drawn to consider His lack of them.


Whatever is of concern to you today, frame it with these verses:

“My thoughts are not your thoughts,
    and my ways are not your ways,” declares the Lord.
 “Just as the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so my ways are higher than your ways,
        and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts.”

—Isaiah 55:8-9



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Invisible Attributes


Walking along in the park, I saw some unusual plants growing.

Parts of them looked reminiscent of a science fiction movie—-round orbs with antenna-like rods protruding out to space.

Thinking of them a different way, it’s easy for me to imagine that the images were taken from a microscope’s point of view, exposing a tiny, unseen world of thriving bacteria.

Reality before me, I had been admiring God’s handiwork in a lake shore plant.



Such order and creativity in nature speaks of God.

All around us, silent voices of existence call out, giving mute testimony of His power.

Since God has created order in nature, can He not bring order to our lives, as well?


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