The Wonders


We had not ever visited the park before.

A large tree (a VERY large tree) had an informative monument in front of it.

Although I am not totally certain how the date was calculated, the tree is reported to be 350 years old.

If the date is correct, that would mean the towering oak tree was just getting started around the time that a man named Anton Van Leeeuwenhoek first saw bacteria with a microscope.

Also, about the same time, Sir Isaac Newton invented the reflecting telescope.

There were other things being crafted then, besides lenses.

Things like cuckoo clocks and candy canes.

Since the tree began its upward growth, a lot has happened.

Now, we have the Hubble and Herschel space telescopes, allowing us to see even more of God’s vast universe.

Electron microscopes probe deep into what is miniscule around us and within us with majestic clarity while cuckoo clocks and candy canes have probably managed to stay the same….

God has allowed recent generations to understand more of His creation through advances in science and technology.

Just because we weren’t aware of a nebula or a microorganism long ago, didn’t mean they weren’t in existence.

We may not be aware of God and His power, but it doesn’t mean He isn’t there.

A lot has changed in 350 years.

God has not.

In fact, He will not change.

We can trust in His love and His mercy.

We can trust in His power.


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