Not Perish


As I walked into the room, I saw him.

An anole lizard was sitting on the leg of my husband’s weight bench.

This surely meant death.

Not because I would bring about his demise, but because once a lizard gets into a building, away from life sustaining water, they lose the battle, dehydrate, and die.

Being someone who cares about the creatures of the wild, I set about to rescue him.

Getting a plastic cup and lid, I approached him and attempted to lure him into the cup.

He had other ideas….

Jumping and running this way and that, (him, not me…) he ran underneath a tall wooden wardrobe.

I couldn’t reach him now.

Giving up the quest for a few moments, I set about to do other things.

Walking back into the room a bit later, there he was again.

Continuing my unsuccessful cup trapping method, he stubbornly avoided me.

I prayed and asked God to allow me to save him.

The little brown miniature version of a dinosaur ran over to a bookshelf near the door to the back yard.

I carefully opened the door, and with some encouraging movements on my part, he glimpsed the sunlight and caught the smell of freedom.

He made a good decision and bolted for the threshold, continuing on to the concrete patio.

I realized that God had answered my prayer, as my little friend was now going to be all right.

I had intended to rescue him in the cup and take him to safety.

Instead, I merely opened the door and it was his choice to go through.

How I long to just rescue people who do not know Jesus!

If I could just scoop them up in my arms and take them to eternal safefy—–

but I can’t.

They have to believe and ask for forgiveness of sin themselves.

I can’t do it for them.

Sure, I can open the door—

Talk to them about God and His plan of salvation.

Show them verses in the Bible.

Live the way God would have me to and be a light that points to life in Him.

Once the door is opened though, and they see the offer of complete forgiveness and a home in Heaven, it is their choice–not mine–that will send them across the threshold.

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

—John 3:16


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not perish final 2

While They Are Yet Speaking


God hears every prayer.

Prayers about big issues.

Prayers about small things.

He doesn’t just hear them only; He answers, as well.

This morning, after I had left for work, my husband sent me a text message and photo.

As he was getting ready to leave for the day, he noticed a green lizard in the bathroom.

He took a picture of it as it sat on the top ledge of the mirror.

Not having time to try to catch it and take it outside, he simply informed me of it, shut the door and placed a towel at the bottom so he couldn’t get out.

He knew I would want to catch it and release it when I got home.

If lizards get trapped in a house, they have no water supply and dehydrate.

When I arrived home this afternoon, I got a paper sack and went into the bathroom.

I prayed and asked God to allow me to find the lizard if he was still in there.

After looking around, I concluded that there was no lizard.

Putting the sack away, I began to do some housework as we had invited guests for dinner this evening.

At one point, I decided to take the cloth off our dining table in order to take it outside and give it a shake.

Our cat had jumped up on the cloth.

Pulling the cloth all around, I finally persuaded her to get down.

Bunching the cloth up in a big wad, I took it outside. As I was stepping on the front walkway, I noticed something moving in my bundle.

It was the green anole lizard!

Very carefully, I moved the cloth over to some decorative grass planted near the porch.

The lizard hopped off into the thick, green blades.

Hurrying inside, I picked up my cell phone and took some photos of the now liberated lizard.

I had asked God to let me find him if he was still in the bathroom.

Instead, He allowed me to find him bundled in a cloth in my arms—a cloth that had recently been sat on by our cat.

God delivered the lizard from death by dehydration and death by predator attack!

He also allowed ME to be part of the rescue.

Upon telling this story to my husband, he said that God was at work when we didn’t even know it.

Saving a lizard may seem to be a little thing, but to the lizard, nothing could have meant more.

Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear.

—Isaiah 65:24


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yet speaking