All Things




Last night, a friend gave me a gift.

She had just recently gone on a trip out of the country.

Having found some beautiful wooden key chains, she bought several and allowed friends to choose their favorite.

Strangely, she had brought back one made of purple wood.

She explained that this was the wood’s natural color.

Each of the wooden key chains had a dragonfly delicately carved into it.

I chose one of the darker brown woods to keep as my own.

Just a few moments ago, I ventured outside to get some photographs of a bird in my driveway.

While I was standing there, a dragonfly came along and sat on a fallen branch near me.

Not just any dragonfly.

A type of dragonfly that I don’t remember ever seeing before.

A purple dragonfly.

With a swift and graceful take off, he left his perch and flew around in front of me.

God allowed me to see the image of a dragonfly carved into purple wood that He had made.

Next, He blessed me by allowing me to see a purple dragonfly that He had made sitting on a brown branch that He had made.

With words I don’t quite remember now, I thanked God for the beauty I was allowed to see.



All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made.

–John 1:3



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all things