The Solitary


He was all alone.

The warm waves of a summer ocean crashed nearby.

Was he hungry?

I would say that’s the best guess.

Searching the shoreline, all by himself.

You know, I was like that once.

In fact, it was a very long once.

I felt all alone.

Big, looming circumstances in my life crashed nearby at unpredictable intervals.

Was I hungry?

No guessing needed—I was.

Not so much for food.

I always had something to eat.

My hunger was for acceptance.




Holding those four in a tight grip was my hunger for love.

When I was “out there” in life, all by myself, God rescued me.

At nineteen years old, I was ready for the redemption.

Just like the bird, I was up against a big world and there I was, spindly and small.

When I prayed and asked for forgiveness, it came.

I was not alone anymore.

God settles the solitary in a home;
    he leads out the prisoners to prosperity,
    but the rebellious dwell in a parched land.

–Psalm 68:6


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