Heartache Crushes

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.—Proverbs 15:13
Happiness and heartache can be like two channels on a television. 

With just a touch of the remote, the channel we are watching can change, just like that. 

One second its politics and world news and the next second it’s sports or a cooking show. 

Happiness and heartache can come just as quickly. 

Knowing that we all deal with both realities, how can we best help others when heartache strikes?

Praying and asking Jesus to show us what we can do is always good. 


Showing true concern. 

Pointing the hurting friend to Jesus.

Praying with them. 

Writing an encouraging note or card. 

Recently, someone took the time to make a card for me as an encouragement. 

They drew hearts on the front and coloured them red. 

Reaching out to those around us with the love of Jesus is a testimony to His faithfulness. 

Small acts of kindness mean a lot. 

Is there someone you know today who has a crushed spirit?

Is there something Jesus would have you say or do to comfort them?