God Is My Helper





Getting ready to go out for the day, I decided to use a hair curler/dryer.

Normally, this would have been fine.

This morning was not going to be normal…

My hair is somewhat long and I had curled a section of it around the dryer teeth, doing so with a winding motion.

After a few seconds, I turned the hot air off and attempted to unwind my hair.

It was a futile attempt.

With an electric hair blower practically stuck to my head, I began to try to untangle my hair from the combing teeth.

Working unsuccessfully with it for some time, my husband suggested that he try to help.

“NO!!” was my reply, as my arms were growing even more tired, being lifted to my head.

I was afraid he would:

1. Pull my hair and hurt me

2. Break my hair off, leaving a unsightly mess

I was being stubborn and not availing myself to discuss the matter.

After several minutes more of trying, I allowed my husband to assist in my dilemma.

He got a metal comb with a long, thin handle and began to make tiny spaces in between my hair and the dryer.

Following this strategy, my hair began to become detached from the wand.

Within moments, I was free.

He hadn’t hurt me and my hair had escaped with a minimal amount of damage.


What about when I need God’s help?

The Bible tells us of His constant availability to us.

When I am faced with a tangled mess of relationships, finances, or health concerns, do I look to God for help?

Am I afraid that His solution might hurt or that there will be damage that I am unhappy with?

Psalm 54:4 encourages us this way:

God is my helper! The Lord is the provider for my life.

I would not have been able to have stood in my bathroom much longer trying to get the styling dryer out of my hair.

At some point, I would have had to just sit down and rest my arms or go about my business with a styling wand connected to my hair and an electric cord following my every step.

Allowing myself to accept the help I needed was the right choice.

Will I accept the help I need from God as I continue to become tangled in every day life?

That is a question I will have to answer, one problem at a time.