Someone to Devour




It was my first time to visit the island.

Walking on a trail, it was quite wet at times.

Almost swamp-like.

I found several very interesting objects to photograph.

One rather curious thing was a group of bracket fungi growing on a log.

They were very fascinating, with their mix of puce and rust colors, edged with a marshmallow-white ring.

As intriguing as they were, destruction was likely a part of their story.

This type of fungus can actually kill the tree that it’s on and then continue to feed off the tree for some time later, as I was witnessing.

It attacks the inner part of the tree first and when the brackets appear, the inside of the tree has already suffered damage.

A fungus slowing devouring a tree…..


I thought about how the devil is like that fungus.

The Bible says,

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”    —1 Peter 5:8

Somehow, I don’t think he actually looks like a lion most of the time.


Big, ravenous teeth.

Loud roar.

No, it’s different with him.

More like a fungus.

He begins to look for a place inside our hearts.

Attacking our thoughts, Satan prowls around with temptation as his claw.

If sin begins to grow within us, left unchecked by repentance and forgiveness from God, it begins to damage our inner selves first.

By the time the “fruit” of the sin is visible on the outside, a lot has already gone wrong on the inside.

Although it is true that our enemy is constantly looking for someone to devour, we can turn to God for strength and for protection from that which would seek to ruin us.



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