One Another

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

—Romans 12:10

As I was walking past the brick wall, I noticed hand prints someone had made.

I didn’t know who had made them and I didn’t know why they had made them.

As I continued walking, I was compelled to go back and photograph the wall.

How many people had walked past that wall since it had been constructed years ago?

How many of those people were hurting?


Dealing with insurmountable challenges?

How many of them had faith in God?

How many did not?

As they passed the wall, they left a portion of their lives there—a few seconds or moments in time as they traveled on to the next one.

What if each person I’ve known could’ve left an impression of themselves on the wall of my heart?

Would they have found love there?




What would Jesus have wanted them to find?

Build Each Other Up

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

—1Thessalonians 5:11

This afternoon, someone came walking toward my front door with a bouquet of flowers. 

They were for me!

My friend brought them as a gift of appreciation, being grateful of my recent help to her. 

Did she encourage me with her kindness?


Did she make me feel appreciated?


There are many ways to build up someone. 

How can I encourage a friend tomorrow as I have been encouraged today?

Therefore Encourage

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.
—-1 Thessalonians 5:11
Today, I received a card while at work. The shiny and cheerful flowers in the front were a nice introduction to the kind words inside. 

It was the second card I had received at work in less than a week’s time. 

Both cards are still on my desk and will most likely remain there. 


Because they will remind me of an important fact:

I am loved and I have people in my life who want to encourage me. 

Is there someone you know that needs some encouragement today? 

Why not write a quick note or email to them?

Send them a card or leave one on their desk at work?

God wants us to build each other up, don’t you agree?

Kind Words Bring Life


What if all the things we said to people were written with a permanent marker on their faces?

What if we were the only ones who could see what we had said?

We would be happy and relieved to see things like, “I love you” written there.

Or things like—

“You’re doing a great job!”

“I will be there for you.”

“I will pray for you.”

“You are such a good friend.”

But how would we feel when we saw someone and read things like–

“I hate you.”

“You are so stupid! Can’t you do this job right?”

“I don’t have time for you.”

We surely forget many of the things we say to others.

What if weeks or years go by before we see them again, and then suddenly there they are–with those things that we said to them written all over their faces.

We may forget.

But sometimes, they don’t.

If you have said positive, loving things, you are both encouraged.

If you have said negative, hurtful things, you are both likely to feel regret and pain.

Our words begin in our thoughts and emotions.

What kind of words does God want written on the person you are talking to?

Kind words bring life, but cruel words crush your spirit.

—Proverbs 15:4



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kind words two