He Will Guide Me

When I left for work today the sky was overcast and the air was warm, even though it was quite early. 
I had received a weather warning on my cell phone. 

A tornado watch was in effect for my area. 

Of course, that meant that conditions were favourable for the forming of a tornado. 
Honestly, I couldn’t tell that. 

Even though it was cloudy, it looked just like an average rainy day with no apparent dangers. 
But that’s the different between me and the good folks at the National Weather Service. 
I was just looking around with my normal, human eyes at the situation. 
They were looking at a host of various measurements taken from the atmosphere, coupled with sophisticated radar systems. 
They know what’s likely ahead even when I am not perceiving it. 
They don’t keep all that information to themselves, either. 
When there’s a danger approaching, they give a warning. 
After that, it’s up to me to heed their warnings. 
I thought about something earlier today. 
There are situations in life that look just normal to me—
yet, God knows differently. 
I’m looking at things from a human perspective. 
He’s looking at things from His perfect, all knowing perspective. 
Through the reading of His word, through prayer and His word to my heart, I am warned of the dangers and temptations that come over the horizon like stormy, threatening clouds. 
Even so, it’s up to me to heed God’s warnings. 
A gray day could mean much more than a gentle rain….


God will instruct me and teach me in the way I should go. He will guide me with His eye. 

—Psalm 32:8



Snake Charmer

If a serpent strikes despite being charmed, there’s no point in being a snake charmer.

–Ecclesiastes 10:11

I am not a “snake” person.

Whenever considering creatures to bring into my home as a pet, I never put snake on the list.

At some point in my life, I have seen video clips of snake charmers, as well as photos of them.

As for me, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a snake, attempting such an activity.

The verse above seems to suggest that there is danger in choosing to be a snake charmer.

There is a very real risk that a person could be bitten, yet there are other implications.

When I try to apply this to my life apart from snakes, there seems to be a significant idea.

If it’s likely that I will be harmed by a certain choice that I am about to make, what’s the point in making that choice?

If there are alligators in the water, what’s the point in going swimming?

If smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer, what’s the point in smoking?

There probably aren’t many people who would choose to swim with alligators, but there are countless people in the world who smoke, despite warnings to their health.

I make my own choices.

So do you.

Will we make wise ones?

If not, what’s the point?