What Your Heart Desires




Who gets to decide what we like or what our dreams and goals should be?

In an article I was reading, the author recounted a decision that she had made.

It had been a tough choice.

Was the option she chose actually the wrong one?

That’s something I can’t answer, but it made me begin to reevaluate my own thoughts about pleasing other people.

The author had determined to give her home a makeover.

Choosing a new color scheme, those who were working for her wanted certain items to be replaced.

That included something that had been handmade for her.

Something she really cared about.

Something she really, really liked.

So, what was the problem?

The people doing the upgrade on her home thought that this cherished possession was the wrong color.

It wasn’t broken.

It looked nice.

It still served its purpose.

It just happened to be the “wrong” color for someone else’s tastes.

Well, now.

What did she do?

After having great difficulty with the whole idea, the author got rid of her special belonging.

Later, she considered many aspects of why she had wanted to keep it, and, in the end, felt that she had made a good choice.

As I considered her decision, I had to rummage through my thoughts about why this made me a little uncomfortable.

It was her house, right?

She gets to pick what’s in it and what’s not, right?

If her handmade item was important to her, was pleasing other people about a color scheme even more important?

Actual things may not be that significant in the long run, but allowing others to push us toward a decision that we are not convinced of seems to rid us of our identity and, in some cases, our dreams.

Dreams that God may have placed within our hearts.

Dreams that are attached to a heavenly purpose.

We wouldn’t want to be swayed away from those just because other people thought they  didn’t “fit” with how they thought our lives should go.

Psalm 20:4 reads,

May He give you what your heart desires and fulfill your whole purpose.

What dreams and goals has God planted in your heart today?



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