He is a Christian



I love frogs.

To me, they are delightful creatures, full of color and full of voice.

And, of course, they hop.

Really well.

All frogs are not the same, however.

I’ll admit that while there are certain frogs you could safely hold in your hand, there are others that could kill you.

I guess that’s why I know some people who are terribly afraid of all frogs.

It would be good, especially for those folks, to be able to distinguish one frog from another.

Last night, I noticed a tree frog on the wall of the front entryway of my home.

Pleased at his presence and the photo opportunity, I got my camera and snapped a couple of shots.

Not being quite sure exactly what kind of tree frog he was, I did some internet research.

I found a diagram comparing the toes of two species in my area.

I also found a photo completely matching the frog on my wall.

What was he?

A squirrel tree frog.

More properly, Hyla squirella.

He had the same eyes as the internet photo.

His  green color was the same on his back.

His hind legs had a matching tan color.

He was sitting the same way.

The shape of his toes matched, as well.

There was no mistaking it—he was a squirrel tree frog.


It’s not that easy to identify types of people, at least by sight.

Who looks kind and good?

Who looks honest?

Who looks loving?

Looks can be deceiving, because it is the heart that tells just who a person is.

Who looks like a Christian?

We can’t tell by the color of skin, hair or eyes.

We can’t tell by the measurement of height or weight.

1 John 2:6 says,

“Anyone who says he is a Christian should live as Christ did.”
If our lives—how we talk and the things we do—could be placed for comparison beside how Jesus talked and what He did, would anyone consider it a match?


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should live