You Were Unwilling

Walking along, I saw the baby chicks with their mother.

They were there, right where she wanted them.

Right where they were supposed to be….


Jerusalem, Jerusalem, who kills the prophets and stones those who are sent to her! How often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, and you were unwilling.

—Matthew 23:37




Fearfully and Wonderfully



I learned something new today.

In quite an unexpected way, I might add.

A friend suggested visiting a local farm supply store that had opened in the area some months ago.

As I walked through the spacious aisles, I noticed that they were filled with interesting items like camouflage pajamas, carpenter’s pants and kitchen ovenware….

To my absolute delight, I came upon a display of baby chickens in tubs.

That’s right.

Tiny wads of feathers with spindly legs and cute little beaks.

There were at least three containers, each housing a specific kind of baby chick.

Since juvenile chickens have not matured to the point of owning an individual “cluck,” they sang to the store’s inhabitants with a steady peep, peep, peep.

So what did I learn?

I learned that humans and baby chicks have a lot in common.

Sure, I know the obvious similarities.

We both eat, sleep and walk.

We both hear and see and feel.

We both have voices.

There’s something else, though.

When I hear a loud sound unexpectedly, I become startled and jump.

God has placed that within us to become more alert in case of danger from whatever caused the noise.

While I was looking down at a particular group of little chicks, there was a loud sound in the store.

I don’t know what it was—a box dropping, a door slamming.

I really can’t recall.

When the loud sound occurred, all the chicks were startled and jumped.

All at the same time.

Flight or fight response?

After doing a little research, the term fear potentiated startle rose to the top.

Baby chicks and humans both exhibit a jump or startle when they are stimulated by sound.

Until this morning’s visit to the farm store, I was not aware that baby chicks could be startled by sound.

I have some friends that do not believe in God.

Knowing that, I pray for them, that they will one day come to believe.

There are those who would say that through a fantastic evolutionary process, all living things have developed several similarities over time.

Lots of time.

Thousands and thousands and thousands of years.

I, too, feel that all living things have several shared likenesses.

The difference is, I believe that God put all the similarities in place Himself.

God wanted chickens to eat.

God wanted people to eat.

He wanted chickens and people to sleep and to walk and to speak—each with it’s own voice.

God also wanted chickens to react to threatening sound, even as baby chicks.

Seeing all those little creatures jump in tandem right before my eyes will be a recorded memory for a long time in my mind.

Startled chickens jump.

Startled people jump.

God made us all.


For you formed my inward parts;
    you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.
 I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Wonderful are your works;
    my soul knows it very well.

–Psalm 139:13-14



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