Come and Talk With Me


My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with Me.”
    And my heart responds, “LORD, I am coming.”

—Psalm 27:8

The rose bush growing by the walkway to my front door has always delighted me.

I don’t believe it has ever had more than eight roses at once.

Most of the time, it has only one or two crimson red blooms.

As I come home from work or leave the house in the morning, often I am greeted with a new bloom.

When I notice a new rose, I am always pleased inside.

The part of me that reaches out to grasp the newness of the moment, night or day, responds to the blessing of the beautiful sight and smell sent to me on a thorny stalk of green.

It’s as though the roses say, “Come and see me.”

When I awaken in the morning, when I am falling asleep at night and at any moment throughout the time in between, God’s voice may bloom in front of me, saying, “Come and talk with Me.”

I want my heart to always respond, “LORD, I am coming,” reaching out to grasp the newness of that moment with God, night or day.


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my heart

A Day That Has Just Gone By


It’s actually quite a distance away.

I have friends that live in a different country from my own.

In order to keep up with exactly what time it is where they are, I have set a world clock on my smart phone to their time zone.

Also, on the same phone page, I have the time zone where I live, on the far eastern side of my country.

That way, I can compare what time it is here to what time it is there at a glance.

By default, the manufacturer of my smart phone placed the time that it would be where their company is located—on the far western side of my country.

While checking the time on my world clock page today, I was struck with a thought as I read the words that went along with my friends’ time zone in another country.

It simply read,

Tomorrow. 9hr 30m ahead.



Although I understand the concept in simple numbers of minutes, seconds and hours, something else came to mind.

Tomorrow—my friends are already experiencing it.

I will be soon, but not yet.

When tomorrow comes for me, God will already be there.

In fact, He’s there now.

He is as much in my future as He is in my present.

God is not constrained by human measurements of existence.

The Bible tells us that,

“A thousand years in Your sight
    are like a day that has just gone by,
    or like a watch in the night.”

—Psalm 90:4

Whatever concerns we may have about the future, we must trust that God will be there with His power, sovereignty and love.

So, how can we compare what time it is here to what time it is with God?

It’s already tomorrow.

Infinitely eternal hours ahead…..


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thousand years

All the Earth


Shout for joy to God, all the earth;
    sing the glory of His name;
    give to Him glorious praise!
 Say to God, “How awesome are Your deeds!
    So great is Your power that Your enemies come cringing to You.
 All the earth worships You
    and sings praises to You;
    they sing praises to Your name.”


—Psalm 66:1-4


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all the earth

In All Circumstances


It’s raining now, and I am quietly sleepy.

A few days ago, I started getting sick.

The sinus kind of sick with watery eyes and sneezing.

The kind of sick that keeps you at home, away from people.

My husband left for church this morning, leaving me with our tuxedo cat and basset hound.

Reflective, I considered my life and the lives of those that I love.

The Christmas tree in the room stood tall with decorations interspersed between its branches.

I didn’t want to be sick, but since I was, I found comfort in spending time alone, thinking, remembering and sometimes, in prayer.

1 Thesalonians 5:16-18

Rejoice always,  pray continually,  give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

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Always Give Thanks


It was an unexpected blessing.

My husband and I had just left a Christmas dinner party at a local restaurant. We had both come right after work, so we were in two separate vehicles. We decided that since my car was parked closest, he would get into my car and I would drive him to his car which was parked some distance away.

He had chosen to leave his car at a lot by a lakeside park.

The sun had already gone down, leaving pink and gray swirls behind to wave goodbye just before darkness would settle in.

Seven ducks (I counted them!) were swimming in the lake which had been transformed into a glowing surface of color. Some fishermen were nearby, taking in their surroundings, just as I was.

Enthralled by such beauty, I looked up into the sky and took a deep breath, taking in the moment as a blessing from God.

The sky, the sweet, cool air, the ducks, the shimmering water—all played a part in a magnificently delicate scene before me.

I was thankful for the unplanned opportunity to see God’s creation.


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give thanks

A Farmer Went Out

I have been learning that God speaks to us in certain ways. He speaks to us through His word, the Bible, through circumstances, through the Holy Spirit, through prayer and through the church (other believers).

Today, I felt that I was prompted to "review" a truth that God had led me to at various times over the last three years or so.

Over and over, it seems that God brings the parable of the sower and the seed to my attention.

It happened again…

This morning, I was visiting a church in another city for the very first time. In the front foyer, I noticed a painting. I decided to photograph it. A tall man walked over to me and began to explain the significance of the print. He asked if I recognized the artist. I guessed--"Van Gogh?"   I was correct.

It would seem that Vincent Van Gogh was particularly fond of the parable of the sower and the seed from the Book of Matthew, found in chapter thirteen.

I truly had no idea.

He then showed me another Van Gogh print on the opposing wall. Not really making the connection, the man drew my attention to the fact that the word "Harvest" was part of the church’s name.

It all fit together.

The sower.

The seed.

The fields white unto harvest.

It was becoming clearer.

The parable was once again brought before me. This was not a coincidence. I knew deep down that I needed to consider what I had learned in the past from this story again.

God loves us so very much. He desires for us to learn and to grow–in wisdom, in stature and in understanding. He will reveal Himself to us in  various ways, bringing to light that which He desires us to know. He may also bring those lessons to the forefront more than once.

Van Gogh’s painting will forever be a part of my personal journey of faith.

A visible reminder of God’s voice, speaking truth to me through scripture, the Holy Spirit and the church.