The Strength of My Heart

My flesh and my heart may fail,

but God is the strength of my heart

and my portion forever.

–Psalm 73:26

It’s not a pretty picture. 

It’s not really very interesting, either, but the above photograph I took means something to me. 

I was supposed to direct a vocal performance at a nearby city celebration last weekend. 

When I arrived near the center of town, I found that a parade was going on and I would not be able to go to the performance location until after the parade because of roadblocks by local police. 

Instead, I parked my car and watched the parade. 

As is typical for town parades, fire trucks went by slowly, as well as groups of people in clubs and organisations. 

Parades aren’t bad. 

Parades show those lined up on the sides of the street some of what they can be proud of in their city. 

Things like police cars and fire trucks show that there is strength and protection. 

Organisations show that like-minded people are gathering together for different efforts. 

So, what’s meaningful thought that came from all this?

Sometimes we try to have a personal “parade” of all the things we’ve got going for us—intelligence, money, career, friends, popularity—to show ourselves that we don’t need God’s help. 

The truth is, we have nothing at all. 


No one has anything at all–

except what God has given us. 

We need His help in every aspect of our lives. 

There is nothing about us that we can handle “on our own.”

A parade of independence doesn’t show our strength. 

A parade of weakness and an acknowledgment of dependence on God is quite different from the kind our self-sufficiency would line up. 

The strength of our hearts must be God or we really have no strength at all. 

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