The Eyes of the Blind

The LORD opens the eyes of the blind;

–From Psalm 146:8
Most of the windows in our home have interior blinds to cover them. 

When the blinds are raised and the clear glass of the window is exposed, it’s easy to see what is right in front of me. 

When the blinds are down and closed, I don’t know what’s there. 

A snake could be sitting on the outer window sill—just inches from me—but with the blinds down, I wouldn’t be aware of the danger.  

I know that God can heal someone who is physically blind. 

I believe He can also bring spiritual sight to someone who has “blinds” in front of them. 

Satan would like for us to be unaware of the deception and danger he is putting in our path. 

With carefully constructed blinders of disappointment, bitterness, selfishness and hurt, we can fall prey to believing that there is no danger to us in our present condition. 

We cannot see the venomous snake on the window sill. 

We do not notice the poisonous spider. 

We cannot see the true outcome of our rebellious choices or notice the destruction taking place in our lives. 

God has the power to remove these blinders, giving us a clear view of where we  are. 

With the truth becoming exposed, we can then make a conscious choice for what is best. 

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