I Stand in Awe

As I was driving to work this morning, the sunrise was intensely colorful and vibrant. I hoped I could make it to a clearing before the sun’s rays faded. 

As I pulled into an area with a good view of the eastern sky, I got out of my car and photographed the glorious beauty before me with my cell phone. 

God was beginning my day with allowing me to see His magnificent creation of light and color. 

Habakkuk 3:2-4 reads:

Lotd, I have heard of Your fame;

I stand in awe of Your deeds, Lord.

Repeat them in our day,

in our time make them known;

in wrath remember mercy.

God came from Teman,

the Holy One from Mount Paran.

His glory covered the heavens

and His praise filled the earth.

His splendor was like the sunrise;

rays flashed from His hand,

where His power was hidden.
I truly do stand in awe of God’s deeds. 

His faithfulness and His love are with us always. 

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