Like Sheep Grazing


Isn’t it strange that one day we can be excitedly happy and the next day be quiet and reflective?

Most of my days I find that I am somewhere in the middle. 

Today, I am on the quiet, reflective side. 

As I read Psalm 100, verse three stood out to me. 

“Know this: the Eternal One Himself is the True God. He is the One who made us; we have not made ourselves; we are His people, like sheep grazing in His fields. ”

Picturing myself as a sheep, out on a field with other sheep is a comforting thought as I continue to think about the fact that Jesus is my owner and shepherd. 

If a wolf came near the flock, my Shepherd would protect me. 

If I was in danger of walking to a dangerous place, my Shepherd might use His staff to move me back to safety. 

If I was thirsty, my Shepherd would guide me to water. 

When I think of sheep, I imagine animals that do not seem stressed. 

Jesus is my Shepherd. 

He will take care of me—

And all the rest of His sheep, too. 

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