Children of God

Today I saw a message on a t shirt someone was wearing. 

It read, “Always Wear Your Invisable Crown.”

I have to admit, I pondered this statement for awhile, trying to discern all the implications of the words. 

In a negative and proud context leaning toward always thinking better of yourself than others, remembering an invisible crown would not be in anyone’s best interest. 

In a positive and humble context leaning toward always thinking of yourself as someone who is loved by God and forgiven of sin, remembering an invisible crown placed on your head as a sign that you are a child of the King would serve to be quite beneficial. 


It’s easy to forget that we are important to God sometimes. 

There are days when others may seem to be pointing out a good many of our flaws and failures. 

There are days that we do that to ourselves, succumbing to the thought that we are useless and worthless. 

The truth is, as children of God, that is NEVER the case. 

Galatians 3:26 reads, “So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith.”

Be encouraged today that you are important to God. 

As a believer, we can always remember our invisible crown–a crown of forgiveness and love. 

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