Doing the Right Thing

Today, as I was reading a news story, a quote stood out to me:”The truth falls on deaf ears when you lack integrity.” 

I understood the context within the news report. If you are a person who lacks integrity, people will not want to listen to you even when you are telling the truth. 

Apart from the situation surrounding the report I was reading, this statement just speaks to me. 

How do people view me personally?

Would they say that I am a person of integrity? 

Do they know me as someone who tells the truth?

Someone who treats others with respect?

Someone who is kind to others, even in difficult situations?

Most importantly, would they think that I am someone who is hoping to please God?

If I am viewed as being a person of integrity, might others then listen if I tell them the truth about Jesus and His gift of salvation?

If I am viewed as being hypocritical and wavering in my day to day life, will anyone really take me seriously when it comes to matters of faith?
2 Corinthians 8:21 reads:

We care about doing the right thing, not only in the Lord’s eyes but also in the eyes of other people.

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