For God is Love

 Dear friends, let us practice loving each other, for love comes from God and those who are loving and kind show that they are the children of God, and that they are getting to know Him better. But if a person isn’t loving and kind, it shows that he doesn’t know God—for God is love.

—1 John 4:7-8

How can I practice loving someone else?

In what ways can I be loving and kind?

By what actions and words can I show that I am a child of God?

How will those who are around me tell that I am getting to know God better?

How can my life show others that God is love?

3 comments on “For God is Love

  1. Gee Jen says:

    Im struggling with a relationship at the moment within which I feel I am being loving and kind, but getting hurt. I need God’s help

    • myrajohnson says:

      I know He is there to help you. There are some relationships we can end when we see they are damaging (such as a dating relationship) but it’s different when it is a relationship with an adult child or your own parent, etc. Those relationships are permanent, yet the time we choose to spend being around those loved ones may become less if those times are hurtful. I will pray for wisdom for you from God concerning this relationship right now.

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