Blessed are those who act justly, who always do what is right.

–Psalm 106:3


Do you have a favorite place to sit when you go to a ball game?

Is there a certain pew that you seek out when attending church?

As a child, if you walked to school, did you have a particular route that was your favorite?

I have heard it said that we are “creatures of habit.”

Maybe so.

In doing some research about how long it takes to form a true habit, it seems that it may take several several months, depending on the activity desired.

To be fair, it’s probably easier for most people to create a habit of stretching for five minutes when they wake up in the morning than to create a habit of jogging for 30 minutes.

Both are attainable habits to form, given the inspiration and the will to follow through with the commitment.

Good habits aren’t all about exercise, however.

Character traits can also become habitual.

Psalm 106:3 speaks of someone who acts justly and always does what is right.

As situations arise, each of us has the ability to choose our course of action and response.

Will it be one of integrity?

Will it be pleasing in God’s eyes?

In making a conscious choice over and over again that falls within the realm of honor and virtue, we create a character pathway that becomes somewhat of a “favorite” to us.

If we act in a determined way for a long period of time, we are likely to continue to do so, unless we come to a great motive to change.

If it seems that we are consistently choosing to act justly, doing what is right, the psalmist has a word to describe us—



act justly

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