Broken-down Walls

Walking by the ruins of an old hotel, I photographed a section of the wall that had cracked.

It had once been strong, but the damage to it was too great for it to stand.

What had been a structure of height was now reduced to only a few feet tall.

Anyone could simply climb over.

The book of Proverbs mentions broken walls–

A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls.

—Proverbs 25:28

Many cities of antiquity had walls surrounding them to protect its inhabitants from those who would seek to enter and destroy.

If the walls were broken, anyone or anything could enter–a harmless herd of goats or an invading army.

When people behave without self-control, things can come into their lives without being restrained or inhibited.

The end result is often disastrous…

broken down.jpg

One comment on “Broken-down Walls

  1. Chandra sekhar swain says:

    Excellent thoughts!!!

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