Do Also To Them

So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

—Matthew 7:12


A week or two ago, I was doing a photo session for a family of four in a nearby park.

The park borders a large lake and there are always a lot of birds near the water.

As I was photographing the family out in the open grass, a duck came walking up to us.

Since ducks are normally shy creatures that keep their distance, this was quite a delightful surprise.

He was probably hoping we had something to feed him.

He was going to make the first step in being friendly.

For whatever reason, he marched right up and melted our hearts.

I started taking photographs of the children with their new duck friend.

Why, if a duck wanted to be nice to us, we were going to be nice to him!

In the verse above, Jesus tells us to do to others what we wish they would do to us.

What would happen if we showed interest in people the way we wished they would be interested in our well being?

What if we would just take the first step and walk up to someone we do not know at work or church with a sincere smile and a cordial word?

Would their heart be open to friendship because of that first step on our part?

If a duck could be friendly to people he didn’t know, couldn’t I?

do also


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