Giving a Gift

Giving a gift can open doors; it gives access to important people!

—Proverbs 18:16

When I read the scripture above, I believe that I understand its meaning.

Everyone likes gifts.

If you want to visit an important person that you do not know personally, buying a gift for them might be the answer.

Most people would be ready to see someone who was bringing a gift to them.

There’s something else about this verse that comes to my mind, though.

What exactly are gifts?

In the context above, I would imagine monetary gifts or material gifts.

I also imagine some really important person.

A king.

An official, perhaps.

In my way of thinking, there are other gifts and other people that apply to this verse, as well.

Is your smile a gift?

Your time?

Your respectfulness?

How about a kind word?

A listening ear?

If you bring any one of these “gifts” to someone, wouldn’t they usually want to receive it?

If you would like to make a new friend or develop a friendship further, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear or a respectful attitude might just open the door.

Would you turn away a sincere gift?







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