Love Must Be Sincere

The house is quiet. 

My cat is sleeping beside me, snuggled close to my leg and the open Bible on my lap.  

The weather forecast predicts rain will begin soon. 

The clock on the wall is ticking a steady and soothing pace. 

Life is good….

As I reflect on the last couple of days, I am reminded of a kindness toward me from someone I hardly know. 

After speaking to her briefly yesterday, a woman said, “I have something for you in my car.”

When she returned, she pinned a button on the shirt I was wearing. 

It simply stated, “I am loved.”

It was a sincere act of kindness that brightened my day and encouraged my heart. 

What does it mean to be sincere?

To be real?

To be genuine?

When we show love in any form, it is of worth only when given sincerely. 

In fact, if it is not shown sincerely, can what is given even be called love at all?

Love must be sincere. 

—From Romans 12:9


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