From Springs Into Valleys


I don’t understand how God holds the universe in place.

My thoughts can’t begin to comprehend His greatness.

All that I can do is trust that He does love me and that He is holding my life and the lives of those I love in His hands.

As my heart yearns for healing in the hearts of others, God knows my greatest desires.

He has the power to hold the universe in place, to hold our world in orbit and to hold the oceans within their boundaries while bringing water to every land.

I must trust that His great power can change lives and change hearts for all of eternity, as well.


You set the earth on its foundations
    so that it can never be shaken.
 You covered the earth with an ocean as though it were a robe.
    Water stood above the mountains
         and fled because of Your threat.
    Water ran away at the sound of Your thunder.
         The mountains rose and the valleys sank
            to the place You appointed for them.
     Water cannot cross the boundary You set
        and cannot come back to cover the earth.

 You make water gush from springs into valleys.
    It flows between the mountains.

—Psalm 104:5-10




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water gush

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