I’m Writing This Myself


I have heard before that many people believe that Paul had difficulties with vision.

If that is true, his poor eyesight did not keep him from serving the Lord.

It did not keep him from communicating with those he cared about.

As he wrote to the Galatians in the verses that follow, I sense that he cared very much for the people and for their decisions.

He wanted to encourage them to follow Jesus.

I can imagine saying these words to my children.

That may be how Paul felt.

Like a father instructing his children, wanting the very best possible for each of them.

With writing a letter being the best way to communicate at the time, he got his message out.

Who does God want you to encourage today?


If you plant in the soil of your corrupt nature, you will harvest destruction.

But if you plant in the soil of your spiritual nature, you will harvest everlasting life.

We can’t allow ourselves to get tired of living the right way.

Certainly, each of us will receive everlasting life at the proper time, if we don’t give up.

Whenever we have the opportunity, we have to do what is good for everyone, especially for the family of believers.

Look at how large the letters in these words are because I’m writing this myself.

—Galatians 6:8-11


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writing final

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