Hunger and Thirst


The sun had gone down completely and the deep gray of dusk was beginning to overtake my surroundings.

My dog had been acting as though she needed a walk, so out we went.

As we walked around an area in the yard heavily populated with Four O’clock plants, I noticed some movement.

Realizing that a very large moth was visiting the flowers, I hurried in (as fast as a person can hurry in with a fifteen year old basset hound) to get my camera.

When I returned, the moth was still there.

To my delight, two other moths came to visit.

Four O’clock plants bloom late in the day and the early evening.

The moths were heeding the silent call that the fragrant blossoms were sounding:

“Suppers’s ready!”

The entire scene was delicate and inviting.

It had rained an hour or so earlier and the ferns and Four O’clocks seemed a deep, moist green as they were fanned by the moths’ wings, flitting to and fro.

God was providing food at night for a creature of the night.

Beyond that, He was blessing me with being able to see His provision first hand.


You constantly satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living thing.

—Psalm 145:16


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hunger and thirst

One comment on “Hunger and Thirst

  1. dian935 says:

    Moths are indeed interesting creatures

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