Fifteen minutes, start to finish.

That’s what the box said.


One hour.

Maybe two.

I was putting up new blinds in a large window.

First, I had to take the old hardware out of the window that was holding the old blinds.

Since the new ones were a different size, it couldn’t stay.

It’s hard to take out screws that are on the top of a window frame.

Finally, it was done.

As I used new screws to put in the new hardware, I tried to make everything secure.

Along with the new blinds, a metal center support piece had to be screwed in to the top of the window frame.

It was cumbersome, but I was able to get it securely in place.

As I climbed up on the stepping stool with the new (and quite heavy) blinds in my hands, I tried to fit them into the mounted hardware.

It didn’t work.

What was wrong?

I had mounted the center support piece right at the spot where a plastic cord guide was inside the top bar.

It simply could not work.

I was very close to having the metal in the right spot, but close was not good enough.

Taking it down, I had to move it over an inch or so.

After a lot of work, the blinds were hung.

Success at last!

It made me start to think….

There are a lot of religious groups that almost teach the truth.

How can we get to Heaven?

“Jesus died for our sins so we should believe that He existed, but we must work our way into Heaven.”

Statements like this are only partly true.

They are close, but not correct.

No amount of wanting it to be true will make it so.

Like the support piece, we have to have our hope for salvation in the right place.

Jesus is the only way to Heaven.

Apart from Him, we can do nothing to save ourselves.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father

except through Me.”

—John 14:6

Click image to enlarge.

except final

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