I Have Called You


The sky was getting gray and the wind was picking up.

Hoping for rain, I checked the weather report.

A storm was coming, and there were warnings about its severity.

Once it came, the lightning and thunder lasted for a few hours.

Finally, when I thought it was safe, I took my dog outside for a walk.

She is a 15 year old basset hound.

Long ears.

Big nose.


Yet, very loving.

We were well into my front yard when lightning flashed.

I had been wrong.

The storm was not over and we were not safe.

Immediately, I began to talk to my dog and tug on her leash, telling her that we had to go in.

This was not what she wanted to hear.

I pulled on the leash and verbally commanded her to come with me into the house.

She was reluctant.

All 65 pounds of her…..

Trying to coerse and encourage as I tugged her leash, we both finally made it into the house and away from the lightning.

Almost immediately I began to think about how we act sometimes with God.

When we are in danger—physically or spiritually, God is aware.

He may tell us to do something in order to get out of that danger.

If we are stubborn and we don’t listen to what He says, we place ourselves at continued risk, even in the midst of God’s direction.

In Proverbs 1:24, Wisdom is speaking:

I have called you so often, but still you won’t come. I have pleaded, but all in vain.”

Are you listening for God’s wisdom to direct you?

Am I?


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