We See Light


Indeed, the fountain of life is with You.
    In Your light we see light.

—Psalm 36:9

The picture below is actually three pictures.

They are identical, except for the size and lighting.

The light reveals so much.

In the larger photo, some parts of the arrangement are shrouded in the shadows.

The mid-sized photo has a greater amount of light.

More detail and beauty are evident.

The smallest picture shows the most light of all.

We, as believers, have the light of God in our lives, filling us— illuminating us.

Without His light, we would be in darkness, shrouded with shadows, as well.

If you could possibly imagine removing God from your life, think of what that darkness would really feel like to you.

It’s almost too painful a thought to even entertain.

Once in His light, we want to remain there.

Everything that is good and right and all that sustains us every day flows from Him–

and it is with His light that we see light.


Click image to enlarge.

we see

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