Flowers Will Bloom


A wasteland.

Right after a natural disaster, that’s exactly what things look like.

Nothing in place.

Most everything is broken.

What could thrive there?

A wasteland.

A vast area of dry, rocky land with no vegetation.

What could thrive there?

You might not have experienced a natural disaster or ever even seen land devoid of plant life and water, but I’ll bet you’ve known a different kind of wasteland.

Spiritual wasteland.

Relational wasteland.

Financial wasteland.

These wastelands are real, all right.

What can thrive there?

Only the rocky, dusty soil of guilt, regret, and defeat.

It’s no place to be, yet once there, it’s hard to imagine circumstances getting better.

It’s hard for us, but not for God.

When He sees the desert, He knows He can bring the rain.

He can see the flowers bursting forth from the ground before a seed has even been covered.

When God sees our wastelands, He knows it can change.

He knows there can be spiritual healing, if we want it.

He knows that relationships can be healed.

He knows that He can provide for us when we trust Him.

He sees what we cannot see.

If you’re living in a wasteland right now, talk to God.

Pray and open your heart.

Ask Him to restore what is dry and barren.

Pray for the flowers……..

The desert will rejoice,
    and flowers will bloom in the wastelands.

—Isaiah 35:1


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desert rejoice

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