Let Us Not Become Weary


Have you ever noticed how some people can type lightning fast?

I’m talking about so fast it’s like a blur.

For example, the clerk that checks in patients at the hospital emergency room.

“What is your insurance identification number?”


She just looks at it and her fingers fly over the keys in a millisecond.

Or how about those people at the property tax office?

“How much do I owe this year?”

Clack, clack, clickity clack, POW!

Their fingers zoom across the number keys at a dizzying speed and voila! There’s your total.

How can they do that?

Come to think of it, how do people who work in assembly lines perform their tasks so quickly and so well?

How can ballerinas stand on their toes?

How can musicians play their instruments so beautifully?

How does anyone EVER run a full marathon?

There is a common thread that unites them all.

They become accomplished at what they do, in part, because they spend a lot of time doing it.

If there is something that is important to us—something we really want to be able to do well—we are going to have to begin trying to do it.

If we want to be able to recall God’s word, we are going to have to spend time reading and studying the Bible.

If we want to be comfortable greeting visitors in church, we are going to have to begin by approaching newcomers, shaking hands and striking up conversations, even if it doesn’t feel comfortable at first.

If we want to be a good spouse, parent or employee, we must identify those attributes that are most important in those roles and start implementing them into our lives consistently.

What does God want us to be good at?

Let’s get started!


Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

—Galatians 6:9


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