To Save Completely


It’s a small area, really.

I have a bookshelf topped with a wooden box my husband made for me, a model ship that I purchased for him and some ceramic lighthouses.

Above the shelf on the wall, I have three framed photographs of lighthouses and a ceramic hanging of three life preservers.

It’s the only area in the house that’s decorated with a nautical theme.

Lighthouses and life preservers have something in common.

They are both there to save.

When a ship is nearing land, it can see the lighthouse shining its beacon, silently calling out the way to safety.

If someone has been shipwrecked and they are thrashing in the deep water, a life preserver can be thrown to them to keep them afloat.

I have never heard stories of complaints about lighthouses from ship’s captains.

Nor have I heard of drowning men wanting to debate about a life preserver being thrown to them.

Jesus has given His life on the cross to save us.

We were doomed to perish on the rocks of sin in the darkness, yet His light came stretching forth to guide us to safety.

We were drowning in the deep waters, lost without His forgiveness—so He purchased our salvation with His death.

He is our life preserver, but we must reach out and grasp onto Him.

There are times when I hear complaints and debate, however.

Sentiments like, “I would like to be saved, but first I want to know why God doesn’t………..”

“I would like to believe that Jesus could save me, but why didn’t He………………”

All the while, not following the light ahead or reaching out to grasp the life preserver.

I surely had many unanswered questions about God when I accepted Jesus as my Savior many years ago.

I have many unanswered questions still today.

There is one extremely important question that has been answered for me, however.

In fact, it is the most important question of my life—-

Where will I be spending eternity?

In Heaven, with Jesus, who preserved my life.

But Jesus lives forever and continues to be a Priest so that no one else is needed.  He is able to save completely all who come to God through Him. Since He will live forever, He will always be there to remind God that He has paid for their sins with His blood.

—Hebrews 7:24-25


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