Then God Said


The cormorants were congregating on the lake.

They had successfully harnessed my attention.

Some would fly effortlessly above the water while others floated just as easily on its surface.

On the water.

Above the water.

They were adept at either location.

While I was watching, a sea plane approached.

Skimming at a fairly quick rate of speed on the water once it made contact from the air, it began to steer to its destination.

Many of the birds chose to just stay in the lake and watch the giant man-made bird as it joined them for a swim.

Others flew around it or above it.

People have longed for generations to fly like the birds and swim to the depths of the sea.

It is only in current history that we have been able to do so by mechanical means.

God created creatures to fly and creatures to swim.

He gave them that ability.

From birth, they were designed to do so.

We are only in the process of discovering the wonders that God has set into place.

With each new endeavor to achieve, we find that each discovery brings us back to the awesomeness of God.


Then God said, “Let the waters teem with fish and other life, and let the skies be filled with birds of every kind.”

 —Genesis 1:20

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