No One Lights a Lamp


It was a delightful wedding.

Flowers and decorations had been carefully placed.

Guests were happy and cordial and all was well.

The desserts at the reception were scrumptious looking, having been carefully made with obvious attention to detail and quality.

At weddings, in particular, I do have one difficulty with a certain type of dessert….


Not just any cake, but cake that is frosted—-no, blanketed, in fondant.

Fondant is a sugary, doughy substance that is rolled out like a pizza crust and then placed on a cake.

The result is absolutely perfect looking.

It’s just that the perfect looking fondant, for me, anyway, is almost inedible.

The consistency seems quite like thick, though pliable, plastic.

At this wedding, an exquisitely decorated cake with blue fondant icing was topped with an arrangement of fresh flowers.

If I wanted to taste that cake, I’d have to remove the flowers and the fondant.

The cake was more of a decoration than a dessert.

I totally understand.

It was a wedding, and a flower-topped, fondant blanketed cake was completely appropriate for the occasion.

It would not have been suitable for, say, a picnic at the side of the field after a little league baseball game, however.

A few weeks ago, I heard someone relating a phrase they had heard:

“Are you trying to impress or to bless?”


The fondant and flowers cake was impressive AND it blessed those in attendance because it was such a special event.

But what about everyday life?

What about me?

When others get to know me, do they think that I am just someone who tries to impress others but has little left to actually bless them?

Would anyone ever feel that my heart was so perfectly covered and blanketed that I could never understand theirs?

Would they find that my personality seemed so thick and plastic that they could never really know what was inside?

That’s not what I want.

I want to be a chocolate cake with gooey fudge on top!

An apple pie with strips of wonderful smelling, buttery crust lacing the fruit.

A plate of oatmeal cookies, with plump, juicy raisins…..

If I am to bless others with my time, my concern and my attention, I’m going to have to be accessible.

Matthew 5:15 reads,

“No one lights a lamp and then puts it under a basket. Instead, a lamp is placed on a stand, where it gives light to everyone in the house.”

If I am to show God’s love to those He places within my life, I can’t hide under a basket or be protected with fondant.

It’s just going to have to be the real me.

The me that found forgiveness through the mercy of Jesus.

Click image to enlarge.

lamp light

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