He Sees the Wolf Coming


It was a very captivating nature movie, showcasing the lives of a mother bear and her two cubs.

To be honest, I didn’t want to miss a thing as I looked intently at each scene.

Drawing a deeper meaning than what was actually on the screen, a particular part of the movie really made an impression.

The movie was narrated, but the “acting” wasn’t acting at all, since it was just the filming of bears in the wild.

The narrator simply explained some of what was happening, adding comments of interest.

At one point, the mother bear and two very small cubs were walking together.

The narrator points out that a predator has come onto the scene.

A stealthy wolf is walking slowing with a determined gait, his eyes locked onto the cubs.

He means them total harm, without apology.

The camera zooms in on his cold, hard gaze as he continues to move forward with undaunted resolve.

Zooming out, the viewers see the mother bear and cubs walking along, unaware of the danger immediately behind them.

What was it that I was seeing in all this?

I realized that the bears were like people.

We can be looking ahead, unaware of the danger, as Satan lurks quietly behind us, with a resolute intent to harm.

As the wolf’s lean legs planted each step with purpose, I could picture the Enemy moving forward, silent and vicious, waiting to attack you and me.

We are definitely just tiny cubs in this world.

Yet, we need not fear.

As we walk along, Jesus is with us.

He is aware of the “wolf” following behind.

He warns us of the “wolf’s” presence.

He will not leave our side.

Jesus speaks of us in the Bible as being His sheep.

He is our Shepherd:

Therefore Jesus said again, “Very truly I tell you, I am the gate for the sheep.  All who have come before me are thieves and robbers, but the sheep have not listened to them.  I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture.  

 “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. The hired hand is not the shepherd and does not own the sheep. So when he sees the wolf coming, he abandons the sheep and runs away. Then the wolf attacks the flock and scatters it.  The man runs away because he is a hired hand and cares nothing for the sheep.”

When the Enemy lurks behind us, we are not alone.


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