Before You Hear About It


I had never heard it put like that before.

Certainly listening carefully to others is a noble action.

Today, while looking at a publication, I read that if the letters of listen are rearranged, they can spell silent.

I was shocked.

Such a simple truth hidden in a tiny cluster of letters.

To listen—really listen—we must be silent.

It even goes farther than that, actually.

We need to listen all the way through before responding to what is being said.

If we don’t, we can end up looking pretty ridiculous.

Proverbs 18:13 tells us,

“To respond to a matter before you hear about it
    shows foolishness and brings shame.”


Click image to enlarge.


One comment on “Before You Hear About It

  1. aussiebirder says:

    What a beautiful revelation. The key to true counselling is not giving advice but listening to understand and empathize, and the same with receiving counsel from God, we need to be silent to hear His still small voice. Thanks for sharing the truth about the word listen, it is a gem…

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