He Will Carry Them


I was really scared.

In connection with my career, I was receiving special training in a city a few hours away.

Part of this training involved visiting a large factory.

Did I say large?

A HUGE factory.

The team of people I was with were total strangers to me, all there to learn as I was.

Before going inside one of the multistory structures, a man with obvious authority from the factory gave us a short briefing.

We were given ear protectors because the noise level inside would be quite loud.

We were separated into smaller groups and paired with a guide.

Next, we were told that there would be a representative at the end of each line that we could go to if we experienced any problems.

They were there to help in an emergency.

With ear protectors in place and a bit of uncertain courage, I walked in.

Following in a single file line, I immediately thought that my hearing protectors were malfunctioning.

The noise was so incredibly LOUD!

I took one off to check it.

That was a bad decision…..

After putting the hearing protector back in, the intense heat that filled the giant complex surrounded me.

Not being one who is fond of heights, I was disappointed to find that we were trekking up onto a higher level and walking on what could best be described as a grating—-a see-through maze of metal meant to be a floor.

I wanted to be brave.

I really did.

When panic begin setting in from the heat, the height and the extreme smells, (I forgot to mention the production smells) I had a little talk with myself.

If I turned around and tried to find the man who was supposed to help my group in an emergency, I would be so embarrassed.

People would stare at me and think poorly of me.

At some point, my arms began to feel cold.

There was no way in the world that I could be cold up on that grating, looking so far down.

I was in a panic.

Turning around to find the emergency man, I realized that he wasn’t there!

Was he suddenly called away?

Stopped by a coworker to handle another situation?

I turned back around and began to pray and sing to myself mentally, although I could have done both out loud and no one would have heard me….

Within a few short minutes, we were all ushered into a real room with a real floor beneath my feet.

It also had real air conditioning.

We were still near the roof as far as height was concerned, but looking down several stories from a closed in window view was a lot better than what I had previously experienced.

As the training continued, I began to calm down.

No longer in an environment where one could feasibly be filming an upper warehouse chase scene in a super hero movie, I was going to be all right.

Psalm 55:22 reads,

Give your burdens to the Lord. He will carry them. He will not permit the godly to slip or fall.

I honestly don’t know why the man who was supposed to “be there” for anyone in our group that day wasn’t there.

But, you know what?

God was there the entire time.

When I began to pray, He heard me.

He wasn’t called away to handle another situation.

He was there.

When I asked for help, He helped me.

I told him of my burden of fear and panic.

He carried it and calmed me.

I made it to the air conditioned, back-to-reality room and my fears subsided.

When I am afraid–really afraid-–I can always count on Him to be with me.

When I am just a little uneasy about something—I can also count on Him to be with me then.

Do you want to know something else?

He’ll be there for you, too.



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