Nothing New


Several years ago, something new arrived on the store shelves.

Delicate strands that looked almost like a brush came alive with light on their tips.

The strands were connected to a base and the light show was fascinating to watch.

Introducing——–fiber optics.

Actually, the fiber optic “lamps” purchased as conversation pieces for the home may have been the next new thing on the market, but fiber optics had been on a few select scientists’ minds for decades.

Today, fiber optics are used a lot in the world of technology and communication.

But, is anything new under the sun?

As I walked along a trail deck, I came across some unusual looking pink blooms.

They looked like the fiber optic lamps in the stores years ago.

What were they?

After researching them online, I found their identification: Mimosa microphylla.

Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Whatever the name, God had made a plant that produced pick strands topped with white, marshmallow-looking tips.

I wonder if the very early developers of fiber optics had ever pondered this plant and its likeness?

If I wanted to, I could purchase an intriguing fiber optic lamp for a table or desk in my home.

If I wanted to, I could walk out on a trail and find intriguing flowers that almost glow with pink in the sunshine.

There is nothing we can develop, invent, adapt or manufacture that God has not allowed us to.

He knew all about it first…..

Click image to enlarge.


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