Before My Eyes



I took several notes in church last Sunday.

The words were simple, but profound.

Putting what I know to believe is true into words that sit confidently on a page.

Based on a quote by John Wesley, they spawn life-altering direction:

“Do no harm.”

At first, one might think, “I don’t harm anyone.”

At closer inspection, there are other applications that branch out into every day living.

The pastor gave several glimpses into these purpose directed statements.

A very powerful, yet seemingly unpopular application is this:

Do not read or watch things that harm your relationship with God.

Before dismissing these words as a stifle on personal freedom, take a closer look.

Take the last six words of the sentence by themselves.

…harm your relationship with God.

If this cluster of words appeared alone, chances are they would be met with thoughts of protecting our relationship with God.

Would most people say that they wanted to have their relationship with God harmed?


Yet, if we place, “Do not read or watch things” in front of them, our personal choices come into play.

We must then consider which, if any, things that we read or watch fall into this category.

Listing possible literary or visual offenders here would be of little use.

Each of us must listen for God’s direction as He lets us know, hour by hour, if something is not good for us.

He knows more than anyone what will enter through our eyes and begin to cause damage.

A question the pastor asked last Sunday was, “Is what I am about to do honoring to God?”

Asking that question and giving thought to its answer could change the course of our existence.

Three little words…..


Do no harm.


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worthless thing

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